4 Key Practices for  Living a  Connected,

Confident, Empowered Life

Touching the Magic Within

Are you tired of working hard to “make things happen”?

What if you could observe your life from a state of joyful wonder as surprising events unfold before you?



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Touching the Magic Within e-book


Please check your pre-conceived notions at the door, because things actually CAN be easier, good things can happen without just hoping they do, and you really can relax and enjoy a new direction for your life. How would you like to sparkle in the richness life has to offer?


In this e-book we’ll explore how you can tap into the flow of synchronicity and delight in your life easily and effortlessly, using the 4 Key Practices for living a connected, confident, empowered life. Here they are:



This isn’t your standard workbook, it’s actually a discoverybook.  


Why discovery?  Because instead of “working” (the way a workbook would indicate) you’ll be on an inspired journey of discovery that will allow you to witness surprising “ah-ha” moments, and engage more fully and playfully in the world.  


Here’s what people are saying about "Touching the Magic Within":


"In the exercise about 'what beliefs you hold about magic and what your friends/family think' - I was very surprised at how much Negativity came up for me!  Wow.  Surprising.  ...Now that I'm aware of this underlying influence - I feel now I can embrace magic in my life regardless of what others think."        

                                - - MN, Colorado



"Reading this book almost feels like a guilty pleasure - like I should be reading it with a box of chocolates as I  indulge page by page.  Being unemployed and trying to find a way to fit into the job market is a daunting task.  I found myself becoming depressed, as though the business world had fast-forwarded and left me behind.  When I began reading “Touching the Magic Within”, the message popped off the pages and I began to realize that my job search was much more than finding employment, it was about finding MYSELF!  


For the first time in my life, I began to approach the employment process in a new light.  Now, with the help of Nancy's book, I’m able to examine my inner being and trust my own thoughts and feelings.  I'm understanding that I can not only pursue a career, but also, as Nancy puts it "live life from my own inner wisdom instead of someone else’s vision…”  


I'm learning more about ME and it feels so good! I can actually feel myself starting to become happier and more confident! I highly recommend “Touching the Magic Within” as a means to treat yourself to a whole new way of experiencing life. Everyone benefits – not only you, but everyone around you."     

                               - - Sherri Lamb, Albuquerque, NM




"Nancy Farris brings a healthy dose of magic to the reality of daily living.


“Touching the Magic Within” is well written, in language that flows easily and logically throughout the text and from each exercise to the next. Although the details are different, Nancy’s story resonates with anyone who has lived by expectations – theirs or others’ -- and then wondered, “Why is life not what I had envisioned it would be?”


Nancy takes you through concepts and simple exercises, building on each step to create a foundation for your personal perspective of a magical life. You are guided through reconnecting with parts of self that may have been long forgotten.  She provides additional hints and suggestions, and occasionally challenges you to go more deeply. She gently nudges you into perceived zones of discomfort and then guides you to listen for the answers inside yourself. The end result: you emerge more confident and self-aware than before.


This is not a book to rush through in hopes of finding the answer at the end. It is a journey of playful self-discovery that will give you personal insight to a magical experience of reconnecting to the joy of being who you are.  From that place, you begin to fully engage in and experience the miracles all around you, and will find yourself sparkling in the richness life has to offer."                

                                    - - Sandy Merrel, Colorado Springs, CO



You will engage with fun exercises, activities, thought provoking questions and soul stretching concepts to allow you to tune-into, and re-discover, all the possibilities for your future.  This is a must-own!  


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These secrets and more are revealed in Touching the Magic Within

a NEW discovery e-book by Nancy Farris, Life Coach